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Back to Pearson College

25 November 2018

Jarode Ratsimbazafy, Lester B. Pearson ‘19
Hometown: Mahajanga

After three months of summer break back at home, EE and Home Service, I’m finally back at my second home for the final year of my UWC student life. To be totally honest, it was stressful and scary to just think about returning here because it meant more responsibilities, more leadership activities and more of everything expected from you as a second year. But all those fears were nothing compared to the beautiful experience and opportunities that are opening to me by returning to this Home far from home. Although there is the fear of not belonging, just the thought of being back and making many great friends makes you forget all the problems of the world. Although there is a fear of not being strong enough to overcome some obstacles, there are always great people from all other the world to remind you that nothing is impossible. Just being part of the UWC movement is worth a thousand times the stress of the IB. As a great 2nd year of mine always says: “Being part of something great makes you a great Person”.