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About UWC Madagascar

The United World Colleges National Committee of Madagascar (UWC Madagascar) promotes UWC in Madagascar and selects Malagasy students for placements at UWC schools. The UWC National Committee of Madagascar was started in 2003, and has since then sent nineteen Malagasy students to UWC. Some of these students have now graduated from university, while others are still attending UWC.

The National Committee of Madagascar is an unpaid volunteer organization. The Committee is made up of 3-4 members located around the world, and is responsible for the day-to-day management of UWC business, including but not limited to, liaison with UWC’s International Office and Colleges, coordination of activities, advocacy for scholarships, selection of students, financial management, reporting, and liaison with Colleges on student performance. The Committee’s operational expenses are covered by donations and through the association of Malagasy UWC alumni.

To contact UWC Madagascar and for any question, please email us at